Imagine you needed a credit card and password to use the toilet or to turn on the faucet. That’s what it took to buy Music online. Now the bizarre idea of protecting music downloads is [More]
TEDxWarwick – Gerd Leonhard – Friction is fiction: the future of business, communications and media
This is #2 in a new series of short films produced by Gerd and his creative team see riffing off the key messages in …
This is a short excerpt from my talk at TedXBrussels Dec 1 2014 on #digitalethics see for the entire video Find out more and …
Mein gesamter Vortrag beim 2018 Executive Forum der OEBB (GERMAN language): die Zukunft von Transport, Logistik und Mobilität (Wien). Thanks to Habegger Austria for ÖBB Executive UPDATE 2018 Thanks for visiting GerdTube! Gerd Leonhard Futurist, [More]
My complete keynote at the Thoughtworks 2018 event in London, see discussing the 7 essential future principles such as data is the new oil, AI is the new electricity, the future is not an [More]
This is the complete recording of my keynote at the 2018 BeyondHR forum in Amsterdam, June 21, 2018, see on the Future of Human Resources (HR), skills, and learning & development; also touching on [More]
For more details see Thanks to Lake Shore Audio Visual, Chicago IL Thanks for visiting GerdTube! Gerd Leonhard Futurist, Author and Keynote Speaker Zürich / Switzerland CEO Please note: 1) audio-only [More]
This video is in GERMAN language, covering the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation in the next 5 years, focussed on retail and ecommerce. Read more about this event and download the complete slidedeck and [More]