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We investigate the asymptotic of Arakelov Green functions and metrics, and of the delta-function, if a smooth Riemann surface degenerates to a stable curve.
Flat No.4B is a 2014 malayalam movie Director Krishnajith S Vijayan,Story Riaz M T,Screenplay Krishnajith S VijayanDialogue Krishnajith S Vijayan,Lyrics Rajiv Alunkal, Riaz M TMusic Nikhil Prabha,Singers KJ Yesudas, G Venugopal, Nikhil Prabha,Casting Riaz M [More]
DIOPHANTINE EQUATIONS AND BEYOND GERD FALTINGS Diophantine equations and beyond lecture King Faisal prize 2014 Gerd Faltings Max Planck Institute for Mathematics 31.3.2014G in King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudia Arabia Files: about the talk: [More]
Gerd Faltings,格尔德·法尔廷斯,是一个标准的数学白痴,他把预期理由的非逻辑前提当做论据,得出荒唐的结论。居然获得了菲尔兹奖,邵逸夫奖,沃尔夫奖,只能说明这些都是垃圾奖。
In the first lecture, I will talk about some general conjectures about Faltings heights including ABC conjecture, André-Oort conjecture, and Landau-Siegel zero conjecture, etc. Organisé par Emmanuel Ullmo Octobre 2016
Meet the Shaw Laureates 2015 – The challenges and the joy of doing science Professor Gerd Faltings (Shaw Laureate in Mathematical Sciences 2015) Professor Henryk Iwaniec (Shaw Laureate in Mathematical Sciences 2015)
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Norm of Weierstrass section, Lecture by Gerd Faltings, Conference in honor of J.-M. Bismut, May 27-May 31, 2013