Sasusaku movie heartburn: part 48

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a certain someone requested me to have this happen so here it is


ely sanchez says:

My wish came true tht sasuke will get jealous some day😂

Sandra Johnson says:

Wow!!  Mayflower!  I am so impressed with your work! I just recently got current with Shippuden and was freaking out then read the manga to current and was surfing for something but not really wanting to get into another Show, so far Naruto i my only show.  And While I tried not to let Sasuke be my favorite guy..there is no hope of that now!  When I found these fanfiction videos on YouTube I was soooooo excited!  I came across them while looking for fan art!  SasuSaku are my skin for my Surface and I have mini figures, keychains, kunai knives etc…Sasu and Saku are sooooo freaking Hot together!  I am in love wiht everything about them!  But Mayflower from my brief time here you seem to hold the record so far for quality, and quantity!  You give us the hot sex we all are dieing for with Sasuke, but you also keep something that is so special to the Naruto Series… FAMILY AND VILLAGE!  I couldn't love the New Uchiha Family more!! They are perfect!! I can't wait to tell my son so he can watch!  ( he is the one who initially almost had to force me to watch Naruto with him cause he knew I was gong to love it!  Now I"m crazier for the show than he is.  But again I haven't seen anything as balanced and totally AWESOME  as Heartburn!  And I just love the twisted not just Uchiha, but more specifically Sasuke, sense of humor and fair play!  And how he now so openly shares his voulnerabilithy wth Sakura and his family!  I could go on forever!  I just started watching Heartburn day before yesterday and I'm now at 49!  And I have to give praise and thanks for the length of each episode!!! And the length of the series!  I have no idea how close you are or even :IF you are close to an ending but I pray not since I just found you!   Sorry for the hUGE post!  OK… back to the SHOW!!! 

Yandere Hime Misaki Asahina says:

Sasuke oh plz dnt get upset,because u wanted to cheat on sakura
But sakura love sasuke so I dnt think she will cheat
Lol royakan snore lol

XXanime girl2001XX says:

Please upload next part soon things are starting to heat up between the Uchiha family

Joanne Dimi says:

if you don't upload the next part soon i will have Choji sleep on you

SasuSakuLove Uchiha says:

OMG! Thank you so much for uploading this! I see you finally made Sasuke jealous! Good he deserves it! And more! The bastard! I'm still so pissed off that he thought about cheating on Sakura! What he did to her was alot worse because he not only thought about it but was bragging about it to his friends. Sakura should talk more to this guy infront of Sasuke and even have him kiss her on the cheek infront of Sasuke. Sasuke needs to learn his lesson and see what it feels like! Then tell Sakura I'm so sorry I didn't realize how much it would hurt knowing that I could lose you. OMG! Ryokan is the best boyfriend ever! You can tell he really loves Shina. I love this so much! It was absolutely fantastic!;) You have me so obsessed with this series! I can't wait for the next episode!:):):) Please I hope you will make the next part soon! ♡♡♡

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